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Are there any IBAN transaction limits?

Quick Answer

There are no hard limits set for dedicated IBAN accounts. However, there are standard operational limits set for security purposes. At the moment, the limits for outgoing operations are 10,000 EUR per transaction, 25,000 EUR per day, and 50,000 EUR per month. There is no limit set for incoming operations.

A convenient transactional limits model is set for dedicated IBAN account users. You can find the full limits schedule in the table below.

If you would like to make a payment that exceeds your transaction, daily or monthly limits, please contact our team via You will be asked to arrange a call with the responsible person. During the call, you will be required to confirm the payment details, as well as provide your identity document. After successfully attending the call, you will receive a one-time limits’ increase to complete your transaction.

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